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Prompt Engineering Instructor

Hi there, prompters!

We're looking for expert prompt engineers that want to share their knowledge in our PromptHero Academy.


We're always looking to add interesing courses to our Academy. We're on the constant lookout for exceptional AI practitioners that want to give back to the community and tell all their secrets to help others achieve astonishing results with AI models.

The person we hire will lead their course, and craft the course teaching materials, demos and examples. Depending on how good you are, you'll be on your own or we'll need to build a course-specific team. You'll take responsibility over all the lectures you do.

If you were looking for an opportunity to monetize your AI knowledge, this is it.


We're looking for someone that is obsessed about generative AI. You spend every waking hour thinking about what can be done with generative AI, and actually doing it.

You've built cool stuff you're proud to show, and you can demonstrate exceptional ability and prove that your workflow yields outstanding output.

We're looking for hackers. If you enjoy manipulating systems to your advantage, if you're always thinking about new ways to use things, and if you've managed AI models to produce output that no one else has been able to produce, we're probably interested in talking to you.

This job post is intentionally ambiguous because we're looking for anyone that can impress us.

We literally don't care about your background as long as you're exceptional at what you do.

How much

This is a project-based job. There will be a course that needs to be outlined, researched, prepared and actually made. If your application looks interesting, we'll interview you, we'll see how good you really are, and we will agree on a scope and price, depending on your availability and competence. All these technologies are so new that it's difficult to know what to expect and how to price it – we can just say we'll be more than fair with you if we like you and we end up working together. Compensation can take the form of a project-based payment, revenue share or any other formula we're both comfortable with.