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Prompt Engineer for Graphic Design

Hi there, prompters!

We're looking for an expert prompt engineer with a graphic design background and/or an eye for professional graphic design. You need to have experience using AI models of the Stable Diffusion family, plus Midjourney.


We're building a course on logo design with AI image generation models.

We know creating professional-looking graphic design assets with AI is a big challenge, and that's why we're looking for you.

The person we hire will craft all the course teaching materials, demos and examples. Depending on how good you are, you'll take responsibility over more lectures, or over the entire course. If you were looking for an opportunity to monetize your AI knowledge, this is it.


We're looking for you if you're so obsessed with AI image generation models that you've spent hours and hours trying to get professional-looking output out of models like Stable Diffusion. You've used every fine-tuned model out there looking for the perfect combination of model and prompt.

More particularly, we're looking for you if you can demonstrate exceptional ability and prove that your workflow yields amazing graphic design assets people acutally end up using.

We're looking for a hacker. Example: if you run a graphic design freelancing side hustle on Upwork or similar sites and you've managed to automate some or most part of your work with AI, we're probably interested in talking with you.

Bonus points if you've fine-tuned your own logo-generating models.

Honestly, we just want to see a cool portfolio of AI-generated logos you've created.

We literally don't care about your background as long as you're exceptional at what you do.

How much

This is a project-based job. There is a course that needs to be done. If your application looks interesting, we'll interview you, we'll see how good you really are, and we will agree on a scope and price, depending on your availability and competence. All these technologies are so new that it's difficult to know what to expect and how to price it – we can just say we'll be more than fair with you if we like you and we end up working together.