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Hybrid work from Kingston, Kingston, Jamaica


Prompt Engineer

StarApple AI is Jamaica's 1st AI company and we are dedicated to providing AI solutions that help businesses and the world be better. We are dedicated to designing and implementing innovative solutions using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technologies. We are expanding our team and seeking a highly-skilled, motivated, and creative Prompt Engineer to join our passionate team of professionals. The ideal candidate will have a high-level understanding of AI, including Large Language Models (LLM) and have extensive experience using ChatGPT, Bing AI, Midjourney, DALLE-2 and similar tools. They will be responsible for creating effective prompts and training data to improve the performance of our custom AI systems and commercially available solutions. If you want to be a pioneer in the AI space and wish to support us in making the Caribbean the Global Hub of AI Innovation, send us your primarily Human-generated Cover Letter [ yep we want one to read] and Resume by April 7 2023.


  1. Investigate, evaluate, and document best practices for a diverse array of tasks relevant to our clients.
  2. Develop a comprehensive library of high-quality prompts or prompt sequences for various purposes, along with a user-friendly guide for prompt selection.
  3. Create engaging tutorials and interactive tools to teach prompt engineering techniques to our customers.
  4. Collaborate with major enterprise clients to develop effective prompting strategies.
  5. Stay current with the latest trends and advancements in large language models, AI, and related fields.
  6. Research papers and articles on AI developments
  7. Generate interactive and engaging presentations


  • A creative, problem-solving mindset and a love for tackling puzzles.
  • High-level familiarity with the architecture and operation of large language models.
  • Exceptional communication skills, with a passion for teaching technical concepts and producing top-notch documentation.
  • Basic programming skills, particularly in Python.
  • Strong organizational abilities and an interest in building teams from scratch.
  • The capability to think holistically, proactively identify organizational needs, and clarify ambiguous problems.
  • Adept at identifying core principles that can be applied across different scenarios.
  • Passion for ensuring that advanced technology is safe and beneficial to society, with the ability to anticipate potential risks, model scenarios, and provide actionable guidance to internal stakeholders.
  • A creative and forward-thinking approach to assessing the risks and benefits of emerging technologies, staying up-to-date on the latest research and industry trends.


We offer a generous compensation package with benefits that include:

Competitive Salary

15+ days of paid time-off

Hybrid Work Schedule (in-office & remote)

Learning allowance

Internet service allowance

1 Passion Project day per week

A flexible, diverse, and inclusive work environment that respects you

How we're different

We are a diverse group of Scientists, AI Engineers, Academics, Artists, Athletes and Creatives, with a passion for problem-solving and a shared love of the Caribbean. We work across multiple domains including Sports, Art, Marketing and Consumer Intelligence. We believe in continuous improvement, in our models and our team members; you will be assigned one day a week to work on a passion project in one of our Labs. Our Mission is to empower businesses and communities to achieve their full potential using science and technology.