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Prompt Engineer

Chatfuel was founded in Silicon Valley in 2015. The founding team has been accepted to the top startup accelerator in the world: Y Combinator. We raised series A funding from incredible investors and grew fast.

Now, Chatfuel enters a new stage of development thanks to the active dissemination of AI technologies and launches new AI-based products that need to be actively promoted.

Currently, we have:

  • Headquarters in the USA and developers across the world,
  • A team of 50 people,
  • $XM ARR, almost break even,
  • A global brand partnered with Meta,
  • 7M+ customers, including Colgate, Lego, etc.


In February 2023, we launched a new product, Chatfuel AI. It became the Top 2nd Product of the Day on Product Hunt. We gathered our first users, their pain points, use cases, etc. Then, we identified the most prospective segments. Now, we have to scale up while searching for new opportunities in the rapidly developing AI field.

Your role:

We are looking for a Prompt Engineer to join our team and ensure the progress of efficient and engaging prompts for our AI product. We are looking for a person who is quick, proactive, and innovative.

What You'll Be Doing:

  • Formulate, train, execute GPT prompts to automate recurring tasks and improve productivity
  • Cooperate with teams to detect opportunities for GPT implementation and provide solutions
  • Consistently evaluate and enhance GPT prompts for superior performance
  • Refine the GPT algorithm for various applications to ensure optimal precision and effectiveness

What You Need:

  • Exceptional troubleshooting skills and aptitude to explore alternative solutions
  • Capability to work both independently and collaboratively
  • There are no prerequisites for an AI background, but the candidate must have a willingness to learn and experiment.