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GPT Prompt Engineer

Hi there, prompters!

We're looking for an expert LLM prompt engineer with an exceptional ability to talk with models of the GPT family (ChatGPT/GPT3.5, GPT-4, GPT-3).


We're building a course on prompt engineering for LLMs and we could use some help to offload us some of the work.

Our goal is to create the best GPT-centered course on the internet. No bullshit, no business empty words. Real stuff only, real examples only, real prompt engineering and prompt debugging.

The person we hire will craft teaching materials, demos and examples for the course. Depending on how good you are, you'll take responsibility over more lectures.


We're looking for you if you're absolutely obsessed with LLMs, expecially if you're captivated by GPT language models and you spend every waking hour pushing GPT-4 to its limit and using it to automate real-world tasks.

We're not looking for the 'I'm just curious/impressed by this technology' kind of person. We're all curious / passionate about AI nowadays. You need to be obsessed (and not intrigued) by GPT. You need to have put in the hours, have created cool stuff with it that you're proud to show, and you need to demonstrate exceptional ability using LLMs.

We're looking for a hacker. Someone who enjoys breaking systems to their advantage. If your first thought while reading this job post was along the lines of «Ha! I can just use GPT-4 to automate this job and pocket all the money», we're probably interested in talking to you (though we're pretty good at spotting GPT-generated content and won't let you get away with it)

Bonus points if you've downloaded and played with open source models like LLaMA, more bonus points if you've fine-tuned them and used them for a real-world scenario.

Honestly, we just want to see cool things you've done using LLMs.

We literally don't care about your background as long as you're exceptional at what you do.

How much

This is a project-based job. There is a course that needs to be done. If your application looks interesting, we'll interview you, we'll see how good you really are, and we will agree on a scope and price, depending on your availability and competence. All these technologies are so new that it's difficult to know what to expect and how to price it – we can just say we'll be more than fair with you if we like you and we end up working together.