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Fully remote

AI Engineer / Prompt Engineer

Do you want to help create a new world that lets you reimagine the line between human and AI generated content while solving technical problems that you won’t find anywhere else? We are Alias, and we are building a video-based social media application utilizing generative AI models to bring AI generated creators and creations to anyone with a mobile phone. We are looking for talented engineers to help us fine tune LLM’s and text-to-video models, and democratize AI through easy-to-use AI features for social media.

Our entire team is fully remote and international. We are creative, fast-paced, nimble and understand that employees thrive when their work has purpose.

Responsibilities and Qualifications
• Passion for AI-driven generative media and a strong desire to push the boundaries of technology.
• Fluency with ChatGPT, GPT-4, LLMs and or text-to-video models
• Ability to work independently and proactively solve problems.
• Comfortable working independently in a fast-paced fully remote environment across time zones.